jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Ca prend combien de temps de déménager au Brésil? ( 2ème partie)

Part 2

Then, easy! It takes around 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic to Rio by ship! So now, we are already at...
Truck + container + papers + girl of the « moving organisation » + ship
… 3 months and half.
Well, after, it must pass the bresilian custum. There, be carefull, it´s the comlete uncertainty. The guys can be really... scrupulous about the origin of your furniture´s wood or the brand of the shampoo used by the sheep that we made your carpet´s wool with... Don´t make fun with that!
There, we can add easly 1 month/1 month and half, especially if there is 2 days off!
And, then, move back the boxes into a truck and drive to Macaé...
There, let see the map ( the map is absolutly authentic and, no, I didn´t make it when I was at school), Macaé is located at around 200 km on the northest of Rio de Janeiro.
Well, it will take 4 ou 5 days...
And, finally, YES! We did it! 5 months to get our furnitures! It´s difficult to believe it... it have been so long, some times so difficult... but WE DID IT! Thank you ! Thank you everybody! Thank you Mum! Waw!

But why I brought this? Mummy! What´s that stuff? Hmmm...

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