mercredi 23 janvier 2013

Ca prend combien de temps de déménager au Brésil? 2 mois? 2 mois et demi?

* How long it takes to move in to Brasil? 2 months? 2 months and half?

Well, they took the boxes in Oslo around the 20th of august, ok. They had probably taken 25 min to drive to the harbor... To move the boxes from the truck to the container... hmmm... it can take half a day, no more....
Then, for the custom´s papers, we took a week to find all of them and to make 13 copies (at least)...
So that the girl of "the moving organisation" give the papers to the right persons, well ok, there we have lost time... It had taken... 2 months... Yes, but there were 3 days off! And then, there was the funeral of her cousin´s hamster, it was a lovely hamster, and he was 6 years old, it´s uge for a hamster! And off course there was some other families before us. The Lefèvre, for exemple, with 3 kids, they were waiting for theire furnitures since 2004! Or the Esposito, they were living at the hostel since february! So with  only 2 months delay we should be happy!
" And you forget to sign in turquoise blue one of your declaration´s copy!"
After that, well, maybe there wasn´t a ship ready to go to Brasil... so, we add 2 weeks more to the furnitures leave Norway.

to continue...

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